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Soulwalker Series

    For George Thibeau trouble begins when Vision Woman, an old medicine woman and his mentor, performs a ritual that disrupts his life. Not only has she set unstoppable events in motion, she has done the nearly unforgivable: reawakened the dream in his heart for love. The love of a woman who can understand his life, who will not run when the secret of his gift is revealed.

    He is djasakid, a locator, able to speak with the Land of Souls, to call on spirit to come here to help. But his gift extends beyond that: He can also travel in that dimension. In the Indian World it marks him a holy man, outside of it an aberration. In both it leaves him solitary.  Now his mentor taunts him with a promise that love seeks him.

    Little does he know, as he stumbles along the path Vision Woman has opened before him, that there will be repercussions for family and friends, and that in helping them navigate the waters, he will come face to face with his destiny - Shaman.

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THE HEART SEES   Djasakid. Locator. One who speaks with the Land of Souls. Mi’kmaq Indian George Thibeau believes his solitary existence is the price for such a gift. His life path is simple. Dedication to his work with Canadian law enforcement keeps him busy, but passion for his work with tribal youth at his summer camp fills the void. Camp of the Singing Winds is his refuge. There are no furtive glances. He is neither judged- nor feared...

Dreams. For months Samantha Maillet has dreamed... of a place that both frightens and intrigues her. Of a man whose eyes speak of fire. Of belonging. Images that fill her nights, but not her days. Until now. George Thibeau is the man of her dreams- literally. When a company shake-up lands her at Singing Winds, the meaning she’s been searching for, the belonging, slowly grows. So do her feelings for George. But is this real? Or just part of the dream?

THE HEART KNOWS    Journalist Joseph Red Fox let a woman turn his head once- and nearly died because of it. When Amy Hastings was tossed into his life last year as they searched for her best friend's missing niece, he knew he should run. Everything about her set his teeth on edge... and his heart to thumping. Except in friendship, he could never let her in. He did not trust his heart's decisions.

Amy Hastings thought Joseph Red Fox the most fascinating and handsome man she had ever met... and the most frustrating. Despite the interest that smoldered in his eyes, he kept her at arms' length, twisting her words and throwing every obstacle imaginable in their way. It was just as well that he returned to Nova Scotia. Missing a friend was better than mending a broken heart.

The heart knows differently....

THE HEART BELIEVES    Michele RedFox needs a man. Not just any man. She needs her brother’s friend Tomas Adams.

Married too young, Michele had been fighting her ex-husband’s crippling legacy for more years than she cared to count. When old nightmares try to reclaim her at a time when her life is falling apart and she hears of Tomas's near-miss at the airport, she declares one last battle. The passionate woman inside must escape, and Tomas is the man for the job. Honest, trustworthy... who better to assist in the delicate task of physically setting her passion free? All she has to do is convince him she’s not the brat he believes, no longer a child, and enlist his help. No strings. She’d be very clear about that.

Tomas Noka Adams, Jr. is a warrior. As a pilot for the Air National Guard and the owner of Helping Hands, he’s used to being the ‘go to’ guy. If there’s a problem, he’ll try to fix it. If there’s a wrong, he’ll try to right it. Loyal, honest to a fault, he’s the kind of guy you’d trust with your sister. But what happens when that sister is your best friend’s, and she makes you the go-to guy for a sex-only relationship? A woman unaware she has already touched your heart, and sure to bolt if she discovers it? Her terms go against his personal code, but he can't risk her turning to someone else.

The two start down a path of no return... Tomas’s late great-grandmother sees to that.

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